Ágiles 2009

Florianopolis, Brasil - October 6-9, 2009

You can download a printable version of Ágiles 2009 timetable and sessions to your notebook or PDA.

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Brian Marick
Brian Marick

Brian Marick will open the conference with a Keynote session.

Brian was a programmer, tester, and team lead in the 80's, a testing consultant in the 90's, and is an Agile consultant this decade. He was one of the authors of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and is the author of three books ("The Craft of Software Testing", "Everyday Scripting with Ruby", and "Programming Cocoa with Ruby").



Diana Larsen
Diana Larsen

Diana Larsen will be facilitating a conference retrospective to close Ágiles 2009. As one of the world's leaders in the subject, she will lead the audience through a retrospective on how their attendance at the conference (and their intentions for subsequent action) will help them to improve their "art."



Roy Singham
Roy Singham

Roy Singham, founder and chairman of ThoughtWorks, will be presenting the closing session of the conference's first day. With more than 20 years of technology and executive management experience, Roy is a globally-renowned information technology thought leader.