Ágiles 2009

Florianopolis, Brasil - October 6-9, 2009

You can download a printable version of Ágiles 2009 timetable and sessions to your notebook or PDA.

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Special Guests

David Hussman
David Hussman

David Hussman has been creating software for more than 15 years. For the past 8 years, David has mentored and coached agile teams in the U.S., Canada, Europe, India, Egypt, Russia, and Ukraine. Along with presenting and leading workshops / tutorials at conferences in the U.S. and Europe, David has contributed to several books and worked on agile curriculum for The University of Minnesota and Capella University.
David won this year's Gordon Pask Award during Agile2009 in Chicago.



Naresh Jain
Naresh Jain

Naresh Jain is an independent consultant that helps software organizations deliver quality software solutions using Agile and Lean thinking. In 2007 the Agile Alliance awarded Naresh with the Gordon Pask Award, the most prestigious award in the Agile community, for establishing Agile User Groups in India.




Dave Nicolette
Dave Nicolette

Dave Nicolette discovered Agile in 2002 and since then, he has been a dedicated practitioner and ardent proponent of change toward Agile and Lean thinking and practices.





Joshua Kerievsky
Joshua Kerievsky

Joshua Kerievsky is an early pioneer and expert in Extreme Programming (XP), author of the best-selling, Jolt Cola Award-winning book "Refactoring to Patterns", thought leader behind Industrial XP, and an innovator of Agile eLearning.




Matt Gelbwaks
Matt Gelbwaks, North Main Consulting

Matt Gelbwaks is Principal at North Main, a coaching consultancy specializing in increasing throughput and decreasing dysfunction. Matt has worked with several companies and with teams seeking to be more agile in Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, UK, Argentina, France, Romania and of course, the US.

Matt Gelbwaks had to cancel his participation on Ágiles 2009 due to personal reasons.